Package cascading.tap

Interface Summary
CompositeTap<Child extends Tap> Interface CompositeTap marks Tap classes as having child Tap instances.

Class Summary
MultiSinkTap<Child extends Tap,Config,Output> Class MultiSinkTap is both a CompositeTap and SinkTap that can write to multiple child Tap instances simultaneously.
MultiSourceTap<Child extends Tap,Config,Input> Class MultiSourceTap is used to tie multiple Tap instances into a single resource.
SinkTap<Config,Output> Class SinkTap is an optional base class for sink only Taps.
SourceTap<Config,Input> Class SourceTap is an optional base class for source only Taps.
Tap<Config,Input,Output> A Tap represents the physical data source or sink in a connected Flow.

Enum Summary
SinkMode Enum SinkMode identifies supported modes a Tap may utilize when used as a sink.

Exception Summary
TapException Class TapException is thrown from Tap and Scheme subclasses.

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