Package cascading.tuple

Interface Summary
Comparison<T> The Comparison interface allows specific underlying type mechanisms to additionally return relevant Comparator implementations when required internally.
Hasher<V> The Hasher allows a Comparator implementation to also be delegated to during hashCode generation during grouping partitioning.
StreamComparator<T extends InputStream> The StreamComparator interface allows for two InputStream instances to be compared, typically bit-wise.

Class Summary
Fields Class Fields represents the field names in a Tuple.
Tuple A Tuple represents a set of values.
TupleEntry Class TupleEntry allows a Tuple instance and its declaring Fields instance to be used as a single object.
TupleEntryCollector Interface TupleEntryCollector is used to allow BaseOperation instances to emit result Tuple values.
TupleEntryIterator Class TupleEntryIterator provides an efficient Iterator for returning TupleEntry elements in an underlying Tuple collection.
TupleEntrySchemeCollector<Config,Output> Class TupleEntrySchemeCollector is a helper class for wrapping a Scheme instance, calling Scheme.sink(cascading.flow.FlowProcess, cascading.scheme.SinkCall) on every call to TupleEntrySchemeCollector.add(TupleEntry) or TupleEntrySchemeCollector.add(Tuple).
TupleEntrySchemeIterator<Config,Input> Class TupleEntrySchemeIterator is a helper class for wrapping a Scheme instance, calling Scheme.source(cascading.flow.FlowProcess, cascading.scheme.SourceCall) on every call to
Tuples Class Tuples is a helper class providing common methods to manipulate Tuple and TupleEntry instances.

Exception Summary
FieldsResolverException Class FieldsResolverException is thrown when selectorFields cannot select from the sourceFields.
TupleException Class TupleException is thrown by the Tuple, Fields and TupleEntry classes.

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