4.4 Executing

Running a Cascading application is the same as running any Hadoop application. After packaging your application into a single jar (see Building), you must use bin/hadoop to submit the application to the cluster.

For example, to execute an application stuffed into your-application.jar, call the Hadoop shell script:

Example 4.2. Running a Cascading Application

$HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop jar your-application.jar [some params]

If the configuration scripts in $HADOOP_CONF_DIR are configured to use a cluster, the Jar is pushed into the cluster for execution.

Cascading does not rely on any environment variables like $HADOOP_HOME or $HADOOP_CONF_DIR, only bin/hadoop does.

It should be noted that even though your-application.jar is passed on the command line to bin/hadoop, this in no way configures Hadoop to push this jar into the cluster. You must still call one of the property setters mentioned above to set the proper path to the application jar. If misconfigured, it's likely that one of the internal libraries (found in the lib folder) will be pushed to the cluster instead, and "Class Not Found" exceptions will be thrown.

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