13.4 Stream Ordering

Remove duplicate tuples in a stream
// remove all duplicates from the stream
pipe = new Unique( pipe, Fields.ALL );
Create a list of unique values
// narrow stream to just ips
pipe = new Retain( pipe, new Fields( "ip" ) );
// find all unique 'ip' values
pipe = new Unique( pipe, new Fields( "ip" ) );
Find first occurrence in time of a unique value
// group on all unique 'ip' values
// secondary sort on 'datetime', natural order is in ascending order
pipe = new GroupBy( pipe, new Fields( "ip" ), new Fields( "datetime" ) );
// take the first 'ip' tuple in the group which has the
// oldest 'datetime' value
pipe = new Every( pipe, Fields.ALL, new First(), Fields.RESULTS );

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