Class Xor

  extended by cascading.operation.BaseOperation<Logic.Context>
      extended by cascading.operation.filter.Logic
          extended by cascading.operation.filter.Xor
All Implemented Interfaces:
Filter<Logic.Context>, Operation<Logic.Context>, Serializable

public class Xor
extends Logic

Class Xor is a Filter class that will logically 'xor' (exclusive or) the results of the constructor provided Filter instances.

Logically, if Filter.isRemove(cascading.flow.FlowProcess,cascading.operation.FilterCall) returns true for all given instances, or returns false for all given instances, this filter will return true.

Note that Xor can only be applied to two values.

See Also:
And, Or, Not, Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class cascading.operation.filter.Logic
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class cascading.operation.filter.Logic
argumentSelectors, filters
Fields inherited from class cascading.operation.BaseOperation
fieldDeclaration, numArgs, trace
Fields inherited from interface cascading.operation.Operation
Constructor Summary
Xor(Fields lhsArgumentSelector, Filter lhsFilter, Fields rhsArgumentSelector, Filter rhsFilter)
          Constructor Xor creates a new Xor instance.
Xor(Filter... filters)
          Constructor Xor creates a new Xor instance where all Filter instances receive all arguments.
Method Summary
 boolean isRemove(FlowProcess flowProcess, FilterCall filterCall)
          Method isRemove returns true if input should be removed from the tuple stream.
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getFieldDeclaration, getNumArgs, getTrace, isSafe, printOperationInternal, toString, toStringInternal
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clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait
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getFieldDeclaration, getNumArgs, isSafe

Constructor Detail


public Xor(Filter... filters)
Constructor Xor creates a new Xor instance where all Filter instances receive all arguments.

filters - of type Filter...


public Xor(Fields lhsArgumentSelector,
                                      Filter lhsFilter,
                                      Fields rhsArgumentSelector,
                                      Filter rhsFilter)
Constructor Xor creates a new Xor instance.

lhsArgumentSelector - of type Fields
lhsFilter - of type Filter
rhsArgumentSelector - of type Fields
rhsFilter - of type Filter
Method Detail


public boolean isRemove(FlowProcess flowProcess,
                        FilterCall filterCall)
Description copied from interface: Filter
Method isRemove returns true if input should be removed from the tuple stream.

flowProcess - of type FlowProcess
filterCall - of type FilterCall
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