Package cascading.operation.regex

Class Summary
RegexFilter Class RegexFilter will apply the regex patternString against every input Tuple value and filter the Tuple stream accordingly.
RegexGenerator Class RegexGenerator will emit a new Tuple for every matched regex group.
RegexMatcher Class RegexMatcher is the base class for common regular expression operations.
RegexOperation<C> Class RegexOperation is the base class for all regex Operations.
RegexParser Class RegexParser is used to extract a matched regex from an incoming argument value.
RegexReplace Class RegexReplace is used to replace a matched regex with a replacement value.
RegexSplitGenerator Class RegexGenerator will emit a new Tuple for every split on the incoming argument value delimited by the given patternString.
RegexSplitter Class RegexSplitter will split an incoming argument value by the given regex delimiter patternString.

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