Interface Summary
DocumentService Interface DocumentService provides coarse grained hooks for managing various statistics.
MetricsService Interface MetricsService provides fine grained hooks for managing various metrics.
UnitOfWork<Stats extends CascadingStats> Interface UnitOfWork is a common interface for Flow and Cascade allowing them to be used interchangeably.
UnitOfWorkSpawnStrategy The interface UnitOfWorkSpawnStrategy is a strategy for allowing pluggable thread management services into any UnitOfWork class.

Class Summary
CascadingServices Class CascadingServices is the root class for pluggable services Cascading can call out to for distributed monitoring and management systems.
CascadingServices.NullDocumentService Class NullDocumentService provides a null implementation.
CascadingServices.NullMetricsService Class NullMetricsService provides a null implementation.
UnitOfWorkExecutorStrategy Class UnitOfWorkExecutorStrategy uses a simple Executors.newFixedThreadPool(int) ExecutorService to spawn threads.

Exception Summary
DocumentServiceException Exception DocumentServiceException is thrown from within a DocumentService instance.

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