Package cascading.flow.hadoop

Class Summary
FlowMapper Class FlowMapper is the Hadoop Mapper implementation.
FlowReducer Class FlowReducer is the Hadoop Reducer implementation.
HadoopCoGroupClosure Class CoGroupClosure is used internally to represent co-grouping results of multiple tuple streams.
HadoopFlow Class HadoopFlow is the Apache Hadoop specific implementation of a Flow.
HadoopFlowConnector Use the HadoopFlowConnector to link source and sink Tap instances with an assembly of Pipe instances into an executable HadoopFlow for execution on an Apache Hadoop cluster.
HadoopFlowProcess Class HadoopFlowProcess is an implementation of FlowProcess for Hadoop.
HadoopGroupByClosure Class GroupClosure is used internally to represent groups of tuples during grouping.
MapReduceFlow Class MapReduceFlow is a HadoopFlow subclass that supports custom MapReduce jobs pre-configured via the JobConf object.
MapReduceFlowStep Class MapReduceFlowStep wraps a JobConf and allows it to be executed as a Flow.
ProcessFlow<P> Class ProcessFlow is a Flow subclass that supports custom Riffle jobs.

Enum Summary

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