Class Merge

  extended by cascading.pipe.Pipe
      extended by cascading.pipe.Splice
          extended by cascading.pipe.Merge
All Implemented Interfaces:
FlowElement, Serializable

public class Merge
extends Splice

The Merge Pipe allows for multiple branches, with the same fields to be spliced back into a single stream.

The behavior is similar to the GroupBy merging features, but Merge does not perform any grouping or sorting on keys. Thus, when using a MapReduce platform, no Reducer is required.

Merge is non-blocking and performs no processing. Any number of branches and merges may be performed in a Flow without triggering any additional MapReduce jobs on the Hadoop platform.

Unlike HashJoin, no preference need be made for left-hand or right-hand sided-ness of streams in relation to their sizes.

See Also:
GroupBy, Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class cascading.pipe.Splice
declaredFields, keyFieldsMap, resultGroupFields, sortFieldsMap
Fields inherited from class cascading.pipe.Pipe
configDef, previous, stepConfigDef
Constructor Summary
Merge(Pipe... pipes)
          Constructor Merge creates a new Merge instance.
Merge(String name, Pipe... pipes)
          Constructor Merge creates a new Merge instance.
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class cascading.pipe.Splice
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Methods inherited from class cascading.pipe.Pipe
getConfigDef, getHeads, getStepConfigDef, getTrace, hasConfigDef, hasStepConfigDef, named, names, pipes, print, resolveIncomingOperationArgumentFields
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clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public Merge(Pipe... pipes)
Constructor Merge creates a new Merge instance.

pipes -


public Merge(String name,
                                        Pipe... pipes)
Constructor Merge creates a new Merge instance.

name -
pipes -

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