Package cascading.scheme

Interface Summary
SinkCall<Context,Output> SinkCall provides access to the current Scheme.sink(cascading.flow.FlowProcess, SinkCall) invocation arguments.
SourceCall<Context,Input> SourceCall provides access to the current Scheme.source(cascading.flow.FlowProcess, SourceCall) invocation arguments.

Class Summary
ConcreteCall<Context,IO> The concrete base class for SourceCall and SinkCall.
NullScheme<Config,Input,Output,SourceContext,SinkContext> Class NullScheme is a Scheme that neither reads or writes any values.
Scheme<Config,Input,Output,SourceContext,SinkContext> A Scheme defines what is stored in a Tap instance by declaring the Tuple field names, and alternately parsing or rendering the incoming or outgoing Tuple stream, respectively.

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