Class HadoopSpillableTupleList

  extended by cascading.tuple.collect.SpillableTupleList
      extended by cascading.tuple.hadoop.collect.HadoopSpillableTupleList
All Implemented Interfaces:
Spillable, Iterable<Tuple>, Collection<Tuple>

public class HadoopSpillableTupleList
extends SpillableTupleList

SpillableTupleList is a simple Iterable object that can store an unlimited number of Tuple instances by spilling excess to a temporary disk file.

Spills will automatically be compressed using the defaultCodecs values. To disable compression or change the codecs, see SpillableProps.SPILL_COMPRESS and SpillableProps.SPILL_CODECS.

It is recommended to add Lzo if available. ",,"

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface cascading.tuple.collect.Spillable
Spillable.SpillListener, Spillable.SpillStrategy
Field Summary
static String defaultCodecs
Fields inherited from class cascading.tuple.collect.SpillableTupleList
Constructor Summary
HadoopSpillableTupleList(int threshold, codec, org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JobConf jobConf)
          Constructor SpillableTupleList creates a new SpillableTupleList instance using the given threshold value, and the first available compression codec, if any.
HadoopSpillableTupleList(int threshold, TupleSerialization tupleSerialization, codec)
Method Summary
protected  TupleInputStream createTupleInputStream(File file)
protected  TupleOutputStream createTupleOutputStream(File file)
static getCodec(FlowProcess flowProcess, String defaultCodecs)
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add, addAll, clear, contains, containsAll, getCodecClass, getGrouping, getThreshold, isEmpty, iterator, remove, removeAll, retainAll, setGrouping, setSpillListener, setSpillStrategy, size, spillCount, toArray, toArray
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Field Detail


public static final String defaultCodecs
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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public HadoopSpillableTupleList(int threshold,
                                org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JobConf jobConf)
Constructor SpillableTupleList creates a new SpillableTupleList instance using the given threshold value, and the first available compression codec, if any.

threshold - of type long
codec - of type CompressionCodec


public HadoopSpillableTupleList(int threshold,
                                TupleSerialization tupleSerialization,
Method Detail


public static getCodec(FlowProcess flowProcess,
                                                                      String defaultCodecs)


protected TupleOutputStream createTupleOutputStream(File file)
Specified by:
createTupleOutputStream in class SpillableTupleList


protected TupleInputStream createTupleInputStream(File file)
Specified by:
createTupleInputStream in class SpillableTupleList

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