Package cascading.flow.hadoop

Class Summary
FlowMapper Class FlowMapper is the Hadoop Mapper implementation.
FlowReducer Class FlowReducer is the Hadoop Reducer implementation.
HadoopCoGroupClosure Class CoGroupClosure is used internally to represent co-grouping results of multiple tuple streams.
HadoopFlow Class HadoopFlow is the Apache Hadoop specific implementation of a Flow.
HadoopFlowConnector Deprecated.
HadoopFlowProcess Class HadoopFlowProcess is an implementation of FlowProcess for Hadoop.
HadoopGroupByClosure Class GroupClosure is used internally to represent groups of tuples during grouping.
MapReduceFlow Class MapReduceFlow is a HadoopFlow subclass that supports custom MapReduce jobs pre-configured via the JobConf object.
MapReduceFlowStep Class MapReduceFlowStep wraps a JobConf and allows it to be executed as a Flow.
ProcessFlow<P> Class ProcessFlow is a Flow subclass that supports custom Riffle jobs.

Enum Summary

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