Interface Filter<Context>

All Superinterfaces:
cascading.flow.planner.DeclaresResults, Operation<Context>
All Known Implementing Classes:
And, Counter, Debug, ExpressionFilter, FilterNotNull, FilterNull, Limit, Logic, Not, Or, RegexFilter, Sample, ScriptFilter, Status, Unique.FilterPartialDuplicates, Xor, XPathFilter

public interface Filter<Context>
extends Operation<Context>

Interface Filter marks a given Operation as a filter, as opposed to being a Function.

A Filter is responsible for testing a Tuple to see if it should be removed from the tuple stream.

To implement a Filter, (optionally) sub-class BaseOperation and have the new sub-class implement this interface.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface cascading.operation.Operation
Method Summary
 boolean isRemove(FlowProcess flowProcess, FilterCall<Context> filterCall)
          Method isRemove returns true if input should be removed from the tuple stream.
Methods inherited from interface cascading.operation.Operation
cleanup, flush, getFieldDeclaration, getNumArgs, isSafe, prepare

Method Detail


boolean isRemove(FlowProcess flowProcess,
                 FilterCall<Context> filterCall)
Method isRemove returns true if input should be removed from the tuple stream.

flowProcess - of type FlowProcess
filterCall - of type FilterCall

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