Package cascading.pipe

Class Summary
CoGroup The CoGroup pipe allows for two or more tuple streams to join into a single stream.
Each The Each operator applies either a Function or a Filter to each entry in the Tuple stream.
Every The Every operator applies an Aggregator or Buffer to every grouping.
Group The base class for GroupBy and CoGroup.
GroupBy The GroupBy pipe groups the Tuple stream by the given groupFields.
Operator An Opererator is a type of Pipe.
Pipe Class Pipe is used to name branches in pipe assemblies, and as a base class for core processing model types, specifically Each, Every, GroupBy, and CoGroup.
SubAssembly Subclasses of SubAssembly encapsulate complex assemblies of Pipes so they my be reused in the same manner a Pipe is used.

Exception Summary
OperatorException Class OperatorException is thrown during field name resolution during planning

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