Class MultiTap

  extended by cascading.tap.Tap
      extended by cascading.tap.SourceTap
          extended by cascading.tap.MultiSourceTap
              extended by cascading.tap.MultiTap
All Implemented Interfaces:
FlowElement, CompositeTap, Serializable


public class MultiTap
extends MultiSourceTap

This class has been deprecated in favor of MultiSourceTap.

Class MultiTap is used to tie multiple Tap instances into a single resource. Effectively this will allow multiple files to be concatenated into the requesting pipe assembly, if they all share the same Scheme instance.

Note that order is not maintained by virtue of the underlying model. If order is necessary, use a unique sequence key to span the resources, like a line number.

Note that if multiple input files have the same Scheme (like TextLine), they may not contain the same semi-structure internally. For example, one file might be an Apache log file, and anoter might be a Log4J log file. If each one should be parsed differently, then they must be handled by different pipe assembly branches.

See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class cascading.tap.MultiSourceTap
Constructor Summary
protected MultiTap(Scheme scheme)
  MultiTap(Tap... taps)
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equals, getChildTaps, getPath, getPathModified, getScheme, getTaps, hashCode, isReplace, openForRead, pathExists, sourceInit, toString
Methods inherited from class cascading.tap.SourceTap
deletePath, getSinkFields, isSink, makeDirs, openForWrite, sink
Methods inherited from class cascading.tap.Tap
flowInit, getIdentifier, getQualifiedPath, getSinkMode, getSourceFields, isAppend, isEquivalentTo, isKeep, isSource, isUpdate, isWriteDirect, outgoingScopeFor, resolveFields, resolveIncomingOperationFields, setScheme, setWriteDirect, sinkInit, source, taps
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Constructor Detail


protected MultiTap(Scheme scheme)


public MultiTap(Tap... taps)

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