Package cascading.tap

Interface Summary

Class Summary
Dfs Class Dfs is a Tap class that provides access to the Hadoop Distributed File System.
GlobHfs Class GlobHfs is a type of MultiSourceTap that accepts Hadoop style 'file globbing' expressions so multiple files that match the given pattern may be used as the input sources for a given Flow.
Hfs Class Hfs is the base class for all Hadoop file system access.
Lfs Class Lfs is a Tap class that provides access to the Local File System via Hadoop.
MultiSinkTap Class MultiSinkTap is both a CompositeTap and SinkTap that can write to multiple child Tap instances simultaneously.
MultiSourceTap Class MultiSourceTap is used to tie multiple Tap instances into a single resource.
MultiTap Deprecated.  
S3fs Deprecated.  
SinkTap Class SinkTap is the base class for TemplateTap.
SourceTap Class SourceTap is the base class for MultiSourceTap.
Tap A Tap represents the physical data source or sink in a connected Flow.
TempHfs Class TempHfs creates a temporary Tap instance for use internally.
TemplateTap Class TemplateTap can be used to write tuple streams out to subdirectories based on the values in the Tuple instance.

Enum Summary
SinkMode Enum SinkMode identifies supported modes a Tap may utilize when used as a sink.

Exception Summary
TapException Class TapException is thrown from Tap subclasses.

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