Package cascading.tap.hadoop

Class Summary
FSDigestInputStream Class FSDigestInputStream is an FSInputStream implementation that can verify a MessageDigest and will count the number of bytes read for use in progress status.
HttpFileSystem Class HttpFileSystem provides a basic read-only FileSystem for accessing remote HTTP and HTTPS data.
MultiInputFormat Class MultiInputFormat accepts multiple InputFormat class declarations allowing a single MR job to read data from incompatible file types.
MultiInputSplit Class MultiInputSplit is used by MultiInputFormat
S3HttpFileSystem Deprecated.  
StreamedFileStatus Class StreamedFileStatus ...
StreamedFileSystem Class StreamedFileSystem is a base class for FileSystem implementations that manage remote resources.
TapCollector Class TapCollector is a kind of TupleEntryCollector that writes tuples to the resource managed by a particular Tap instance.
TapIterator Class TapIterator is an implementation of TupleIterator.
ZipInputFormat Class ZipInputFormat is an InputFormat for zip files.
ZipSplit A section of an input file in zip format.

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